Necessary Insurance for Football Clubs

Humourist Dave Barry once commented, "I like football because there's a lot of action and drama. There are no time outs, so the only way players can catch their breath is to sustain a major injury, which some players are very good at ... Some players suffer four or five fatal injuries per game. That's how tough they are."

Obviously, the members of a typical football club will not endure the same injuries as professionals. Still, the humourous quote still speaks to the ease of sustaining injury playing football, and consequently the importance of purchasing the appropriate insurance. Any time someone is putting him/herself at risk, financial protection in the event of injury is an essential.

A football club should carry insurance that protects each of the individual players, covering most or all of the medical expenses needed to treat any injury sustained on the field. Among the many areas of protection that all sports club policies should carry for their players are Personal Liability Protection, Hospital Benefits, earnings in the event that the injured party is unable to work following the injury, and other Person Accident Benefits. These criteria are especially important for Senior teams, as its members are more prone to various injuries on the field.

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For Junior teams, personal accident benefits, and Personal Liability insurance Protection are also essential, as are hospital benefits. Some policies carry a "Broken Bone Benefit", which is another recommended bit of protection, as well as dental fees.

It is also important that the sports related insurance policy come with umbrella insurance to cover excess and unexpected fees. In certain instances, the expenses of an insurance claim can skyrocket out of control, and so it is more than a good idea to have extra funds available in the policy to cover legal fees and other extra costs.

More than insurance for its players, a football club will need to insure its staff, and all those responsible for the club's day-to-day operations, including the volunteers. Additionally, the equipment and facilities should be insured, as well. Damage to the field or to the property can put a halt to the games. Such damage usually requires expedient repair, and lots of funds. A comprehensive insurance policy will provide the funds necessary to repair any damage to the facilities, or to the football field, allowing for the games to resume.

There are many different areas of Sports Insurance, including Activity Insurance, Athletic Insurance, Camp Insurance, Facility Insurance, Amateur Club Insurance, short term car insurance and a few more. Proving insurance for sporting clubs is one of the fastest growing fields, as more clubs are becoming aware of the need to protect themselves and the players.

Some foresight goes a long way towards making sure that the game is enjoyed to its very fullest.

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